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Some while I was reading about an American company that had decided to focus all its communications consulting work on the Web. The article read:

"Companies that manage interaction use the web as a tool to close the gap between what they promise and what the customer needs."

At the time I simply thought about the typically American way in which a highly effective phrase had been used to talk about a sector which, potentially at least, held out great promise of growth. So I did not really pay much heed to what was written.
Since then, though, the phrase has come back to me time and time again, and it stayed with me all the time I was preparing Poligrafica San Faustino's launch onto the Nuovo Mercato.
Because this niche company is using the Web to do just that – close the gap between expectations and promises by shifting its production processes towards what the famous Stateside gurus call "mass personalisation". But it is not in Silicon Valley – it is in Castrezzato, a little town close to Brescia in Northern Italy, and its management is proud of the way it has married cutting edge technologies to the quality of life.
I am convinced that the ability to manage economic and financial communications with care and attention will be a critical factor for success in business.
I think it is this that has spurred me on in my "interactive" role as Investor Relations and, thanks to the collaboration of the whole team, to help build something innovative on the Internet.

Anna Lambiase
Investor Relations Manager

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