Corporate Governance

Poligrafica S. Faustino S.p.A., company listed at the MTA – Segment  STAR of the Italian Stock Exchange S.p.A., accepted the Code. The Governance Structure is based on the traditional organizing model and is formed by the following organs: Shareholders’ meeting, Board of directors (operating through the executive Directors and is assisted by the control committee and risk and committee for the remuneration), Board of Auditors and Auditing Firm.

The Shareholders Meeting is the organ that, with its deliberations, expresses the shareholders’ will. The decisions taken in conformity with the law and the Code are for all the shareholders, the agreeing and disagreeing included, except for the latter the recess right when permitted. The meeting is summoned according to the law dispositions that concern all companies with quoted titles in matters that the law reserve to them.

The Board of Directors, and the single delegated counsellors, have the function to define the strategic addresses of the company and of the Group to it related and has the responsibility to manage. For this they have the greatest powers to achieve all the acts that they consider opportune to reach the company’s aims, with the only exception of those that are expressly reserved to the meeting.

The Board of Auditors watch over the law observance and of the By-laws and has control functions on the managing and has to watch on: respect of the principles of good administration; adequacy of the organized structure of the company; the modality of a concrete actuation of the Code; correctness of the operations with correlated parts; the connection of the dispositions imparted to the controlled in relation with the bounds of communication to the market of privileged information. It must not be concerned with the accounting control, which is under the responsibility of an Auditing Firm appointed by the Shareholders’ meeting among those enlisted in the CONSOB list.

The Auditing Firm analyses the regular the regularity of the accounts and the correct recording of the managing facts of the accounts sheets and the consolidated balance sheet and that they are conformed to the norms. The revision company does also further services that have been given by the Board of directors, if they are not compatible with the accounting duties.

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